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Monthly Archives: February 2020


The first escalators were smooth moving walkways without steps. A little later they wereequipped with handrails, and the escalator acquired a modern look by 1921 Almost from thevery beginning, those who did not walk on the escalator, but just stood, stood on the right tolet passengers go on the left, which creates a queue in […]

LEDs: interesting facts

Interesting facts about LEDs will allow you to take a fresh look at the alreadyfamiliar lighting technology, which most recently belonged to the field of sciencefiction. We have collected for you the most interesting of the history of LEDs toappreciate all their advantages and features. The first full-featured LED was created by Nick Holonyak in […]

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Street lighting is a means of increasing visibility at night on the street by artificial means. Usually, lighting is provided by lamps that are held on poles. They can be operated manually or automatically. Manual adjustment and control of street lighting are carried out at the control room by the person responsible for the lighting. […]