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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Street lighting is a means of increasing visibility at night on the street by artificial means. Usually, lighting is provided by lamps that are held on poles. They can be operated manually or automatically. Manual adjustment and control of street lighting are carried out at the control room by the person responsible for the lighting. Automatic control of street lighting is set by a timer or using a special sensor (photo relay), which controls the level of illumination.

Basic requirements for outdoor lighting:

  • Quality;
  • System reliability;
  • Safety for others;
  • Durability.

These requirements are fully met by modern LED street lighting. LED technologyallows you to achieve the most efficient lighting. With the help of such lamps it ispossible to create optimal conditions for street lighting. LED lamps arecharacterized by durability, resistance to weather conditions and mechanicaldamage. The efficiency of such lamps is another indisputable advantage of theiruse. The characteristics of LED street lighting can significantly reduce energyconsumption. In addition, the quality of lighting and its degree significantly exceedthese indicators of other street lighting devices.

Examples and types of street lighting

Street LED lighting is not the only way to increase nighttime visibility.Nowadays, fluorescent lamps, halogens and incandescent lamps are widely used.

All street lighting can be divided into several types depending on the type ofterrain on which there is a need to increase visibility in the dark:

For lighting large roads, highways. In this case, flashlights with areflector are used. Such lights are able to concentrate light in the direction of themotorway. For the sake of economy, the lights are placed at a relatively highheight. This givessaving;

Street lighting scheme to increase visibility on secondary roads. Toincrease visibility in such areas, reflex lamps and scattered light can be used.Lamps, as a rule, are covered with a transparent shade, which allows you to scatterlight rays over a long distance. The power of the lamps used in this case is muchless than for lighting large roads;

Pedestrian walkways, parks and bike paths. It uses exclusivelyscattered light fixtures. When designing and installing lighting for parks andsidewalks, special attention is paid to the design of the ceiling. As a rule, it is madein the form of a ball or cylinder. To provide greater dispersion, they can bemanufactured with several transparent relief-shaped rings. The distance ofinstallation of supports for such lampsdevices changes depending on it;

Lights for illuminating objects of an informational nature. With thehelp of such lighting devices in the dark, license plates of houses, road signs oroutdoor advertising (banners, city lights, signs) are illuminated. This scheme ofstreet lighting is represented by special lamps or spotlights.

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