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Smart Home

Remember Ray Bradbury’s short story “There Will Come Soft Rains”? If not, then briefly recall: we are talking about life at home, left without owners. Automatic systems continue to operate as before: the talking clock reminds you to get up, the smart stove cooks breakfast on its own, the weather box reports that it is raining outside. It reminds the modern technology, right? But the story was published in 1950.

Smart home is a set of solutions for automating everyday activities that will save you from routine. Here and household appliances – from robotic vacuum cleaners to devices controlled from a smartphone – and systems that control everything that happens in the apartment.

In fact, this is a story about improving the quality of life. Comfort consists of little things, and a smart home will take all the little things on itself. If you woke up at night and went into the kitchen for a glass of water, you won’t have to make your way down the dark corridor in search of a switch: the light will turn on automatically. Have you ever worried that you didn’t turn off the iron or TV? it is enough to send a command to the smart outlet from the smartphone, and it will disconnect the device that is powered by it.

Why is it needed at all

Everything is obvious: to make your life easier and better. Smart home means calm and significant savings.Let’s start with calm. If worrying about everything is common for you, a smart home will help get rid of at least those anxieties that are associated with your apartment. Didn’t turn off the iron? It doesn’t matter, send a command to a smart socket, it will quickly turn off the iron. Are you afraid that the washing machine launched before leaving the house is out of order and has arranged a water park for the neighbors below? Nothing wrong. If it does leak, you will be informed about this instantly by the leak detector.

As a result you worry less about non-existent problems and free your brain from unnecessary thinking. You can check how it is going at home at any time using your smartphone.

How to make your home smart

Lighter than it sounds. If you choose the right technique, you don’t even have to call for the installation of specially trained people. Let’s figure out what is worth buying for having the ”Smart house”.

Control center

Perhaps this is the first thing to buy if you are serious. The control center will allow you to interact with all the smart devices that you purchase: up to 300 devices can be connected to it. With it, you can create work scenarios for technology. For example, leave home – start the corresponding mode. In the rooms, the lights go out, shutters or curtains close, devices that operate from smart sockets are turned off. There is no need to run around the apartment, checking to see if you turned everything off. The control center works in conjunction with a free mobile application, so it is easy to control from a smartphone. You can even give commands by voice.


It protects your home from strangers, floods, fires and gas leaks.

Temperature and humidity sensor

If you connect it to the control center, the sensor will monitor whether it is too hot or cold in the apartment. For example, if the temperature drops below a predetermined limit, the sensor will inform the control center about it, and that will send a signal to the heater.

Opening sensor

The opening sensor will be useful to parents to the extent of curious children. If you have cabinets or drawers at home where the child should not look categorically, install such a sensor on them. As soon as the child gets to where it should not, you will know about it. And if you attach the sensor to the door, you can monitor whether the child arrived from school on time.


What the child is doing while you are not at home, what your pet is doing right now, is everything ok with your elderly parents – a smart video camera will give an answer to each of these questions. A street camcorder is useful to car owners. Firstly, you will know for sure that everything is ok with your machine. Secondly, with its help it is easy to find out if there is a parking space near the house: this can be done right on the road. If someone damaged your car in this parking lot, you will find the culprit in just a few minutes.

Smart sockets

A real find for everyone who does not remember whether the iron or the TV turned off. Send a command to the outlet – it immediately turns off the device working from it. Sockets with a dimmer allow you to adjust the brightness of the floor lamp or wall sconce without getting up from the couch. You can install such a socket in the children’s room. If the baby is used to falling asleep in the light, the night light connected to it will go out gradually. If the electricity bill always gives you surprise, buy a power outlet that measures energy consumption. She will tell you exactly which device decided not to limit itself in anything.

Smart technology

If you were thinking about buying an air conditioner, the choice is definitely worth making in favor of its smart option. To him in a pair is worth buying a temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor monitors the temperature in the room, and when it rises, it tells the air conditioner that it is time to correct the situation. Manage air conditioning from a smartphone, give him voice commands, integrate it into the everyday scenarios of a smart home.

To sum up it should be noted that progress is not only landing a man on Mars or transplanting everything that is possible, but also decisions that help get rid of everyday worries.

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